DHMDK Competition Results

25 Oct 2011 11:35 AM | Deleted user

It was a great outcome over the weekend with fantastic results especially for our dan team. Thank you for everyone who participated. Results for the day:

Under 13s: 1st - Hiromu Kiyota (SKC), 2nd - Alice Bunder (WKC)
Under 16s: 1st - Kenny Paik (SBK), 2nd - Min-ji Won (DHMDK)
Mens Kyu: 1st - Alex Ham (DHMDK), 2nd - Richard Kim (DHMDK), 3rd - Johnny Kim (DHMDK), 3rd - Wooi Yee Chuah (ANU)
Womens Kyu: 1st - Jenny Song (DHMDK), 2nd - Jessi Tilbrook (SKC), 3rd - Cindy Ariyamethe (USYD), 3rd -Sushi Li (UNSW)
Womens Dan: 1st - Daseul Chun (DHMDK), 2nd - Chika Isawa (SKC), 3rd - Kathleen McDonald (HRW), 3rd - Shoko Bunder (WKC)
Mens Dan: 1st - Peter Jeong (USYD), 2nd - Taek Yang (SKC), 3rd- Adam Corbett (USYD), 3rd - Alvin Chen (UNSW)

Kyu: 1st - DHMDK Team A, 2nd - DHMDK Team B
Womens: 1st - DHMDK, 2nd - SKC
Dan: 1st - SKC, 2nd - DHMDK Team A
Fighting Spirit
Yvonne Zhu (DHMDK)
Queenie Yau (SKC)
Paul Kang (DHMDK)
Sydney Kendo Club
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