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  • 19 Dec 2018 10:13 PM | Lee Lim (Administrator)

    Dear Kendoka, 

    Announcement regarding "Monday Night Keiko" which has the facebook page:

    and is normally operated by Chris Barbe and Colin Minter of Sydney Kendo Club and Western Sydney Kendo Club respectively.

    At the 2018 AGM of Sydney Kendo Club held on 8 December 2018, Monday Night Keiko is now formally adopted as an additional training session organised by the Sydney Kendo Club - please see our updated training times.

    Monday Night Keiko is a jigeiko focussed session run on Monday evenings from 7:30PM to 8:30PM at the St Oswald's Anglican Church on 10 Dickson Street, Haberfield NSW which is normally attended by senior Kendo players with reasonable stamina and visited by many high level Kendo players from all over Sydney.

    For any queries please email or contact Chris Barbe at the Dojo.

    In skills opposed, in spirit united

    Sydney Kendo Club


  • 05 Aug 2013 12:47 PM | Vivian Yung (Administrator)

    Congratulations to the following SKC members who successfully graded at the NSWKA State Grading on 4 August 2013.

    2 Dan

    • Queennie Yau

    1 Dan
    • Marco Chow

    1 Kyu
    • Tatsunosuke Mukai
    • Keita Sugimoto

    3 Kyu
    • Nicholas Tsai
    • Yuta Sugimoto

    4 Kyu
    • Sean Huang
    • James Salim

    5 Kyu
    • Mitchell Tredinnick
    • Eric Miao
    • York Wang

    6 Kyu
    • Tom Yu
    • James Crotty
    • Kurt Doering
    • Rowan Kooy
    • Damien Popovic
    • Anna Popovic
    • Tommy Lai
    • Miki Kanamaru
    • Gerard Crotty
  • 20 Apr 2013 6:13 PM | Vivian Yung (Administrator)
    Congratulations to the following members from the Sydney Kendo Club who achieved a placing at the 38th Australian Kendo Championships 2013.
    • Andrew van Hamond - Veteran's Individuals Winner
    • Toshio Nishimoto - Veteran's Individuals Runner-up
    • Vivian Yung - Women's Dan Individuals Runner-up

    Full results as follow:

    Kyu Individuals:
    • Winner: Gordon Lau (ACT)
    • Runner-up: Haruki Reid (VIC)
    • Equal 3rd: James Ko (NSW)
    • Equal 3rd: Viet Le (VIC)
    Women's Kyu Individuals:
    • Winner: Nicole So (NSW)
    • Runner-up: Kristine Ventura (VIC)
    • Third Place: Karen Le (NSW)
    Women's Dan Individuals:
    • Winner: Daseul Chun (NSW)
    • Runner-up: Vivian Yung (NSW)
    • Equal 3rd: Jenny Song (NSW)
    • Equal 3rd: Yuko Mayumi (VIC)
    Open Dan Individuals:
    • Winner: Jayson Chaplin (NSW)
    • Runner-up: Kazuya Kimura (VIC)
    • Equal 3rd: Kai Huang (NSW)
    • Equal 3rd: Anthony Tilbury (WA)
    Veteran's Individuals:
    • Winner: Andrew van Hamond (NSW)
    • Runner-up: Toshio Nishimoto (NSW)
    • Equal 3rd: Yuji Sano (NSW)
    • Equal 3rd: Ken Okamoto (QLD)
    Kyu Team:
    • Winner: New South Wales
    • Runner-up: Victoria
    Women's Team:
    • Winner: Victoria
    • Runner-up: Australian Capital Territory
    Kata Team:
    • Winner: Victoria
    • Runner-up: New South Wales
    Dan Team:
    • Winner: New South Wales
    • Runner-up: Victoria
    Fighting Spirit Awards:
    • Adrian Walker (NSW)
    • Brendan Kee (ACT)
    • Alex Paukovits (QLD)
    • Michelle Finn (WA)

    John Butler Award:
    • Brett Smith, Yuji Sano & James Saretta

    AKR Special Commendation Award:
    • Hiroshi Shinoda
  • 17 Feb 2013 11:57 PM | Vivian Yung (Administrator)
    It is with great sadness and heavy heart that I inform you that our Sensei, Michael Payne Sensei, Kendo Renshi 6 Dan, passed away tonight at age 71 after battling with pancreatic cancer.  Michael Payne Sensei was the chief instructor of Sydney Kendo Club for many years and it would be hard to find a more passionate and devoted kendo instructor than Michael.  Over the years, he has taught and brought up many new kendo players and champions.  His passing is an incredible loss to the NSW Kendo community.

    I will let you know as soon as any information regarding the memorial service become available.

    Vivian Yung
  • 16 Feb 2013 2:28 PM | Vivian Yung (Administrator)
    Congratulations to everyone who participated in the SKC3's Friendship Cup on Saturday 23 February 2013.  The event was a huge success, and most importantly, everyone who participated had a great time.  Below are the competition results:

    Team Competition:
    • Winners: Jayse of Spades (Jayson Chaplin, Steven Le, Adrian Walker)
    • Runner-ups - Bong Two Kim (Myoung Soo Kim, Brent (Joon) Kwon, James Ko)
    • Equal 3rd: Luke out, we're coming! (Luke Lee, Pan Park, Sigmund Bautista)
    • Equal 3rd: Ervin's Penghaose (Ervin Peng, Tomonori Hu, Hao Zhang)

    Under 16 Individuals Competition:
    • Winner: Keita Sugimoto
    • Runner-up - Hiromu Kiyota
    • Equal 3rd: Nicholas Tsai + Ryunosuke Komatsu

    Michael Payne Fighting Spirit Award: Keita Sugimoto

    3 Wise Monkeys Award: Kyucumbers (Joon Yub Lee, Ioana Levins, Katie Svich)
  • 03 Feb 2013 10:30 PM | Vivian Yung (Administrator)
    Congratulations to Nicholas Tsai who achieved 4 Kyu, and Julian Jenkins and Susan Day for achieving 6 Kyu at the NSW State Grading held in Picton today on the 3rd February 2013.  Well done all!
  • 13 Jan 2013 8:32 PM | Vivian Yung (Administrator)
    Congratulations to the following SKC members who successfully graded at the Founders Cup grading at the University of Sydney in August 2012.

    Our new Dan grades:
    • Kevin Wong, Kendo 1 Dan
    • Jessi Tilbrook, Kendo 1 Dan
    • Yee Ting Queennie Yau, Kendo 1 Dan
    And also our members who obtained a new Kyu grade:
    • Marco Chow, Kendo 1 Kyu
    • Tatsunosuke Mukai, Kendo 2 Kyu
    • Keita Sugimoto, Kendo 2 Kyu
    • Byron Xiao Feng Tao, Kendo 3 Kyu
    • Ryunosuke Komatsu, Kendo 4 Kyu
    • Jiefu Zheng, Kendo 4 Kyu
    • Nicholas Tsai, Kendo 5 Kyu
    • Sean Huang, Kendo 5 Kyu
    • Yoshiaki Ikegami, Kendo 5 Kyu
    • Eric Jenner, Kendo 5 Kyu
    • Jedrick Russell Magcalas, Kendo 5 Kyu
    • John Rei Louise Magcalas, Kendo 5 Kyu
    • James Salim, Kendo 5 Kyu
    • Keiya Sean Kojima, Kendo 6 Kyu
    • Takuya John Kojima, Kendo 6 Kyu
    • Yuya Lawrence Kojima, Kendo 6 Kyu
    • Mitchell Tredinnick, Kendo 6 Kyu
    • Connor Wilson, Kendo 6 Kyu
    • Shining (Eric) Miao, Kendo 6 Kyu
  • 12 Apr 2012 11:53 AM | Deleted user

    You are invited to the 2012 Korean Kumdo Championship.
    Hosted by Han Rim Won Kumdo Dojang

    Date & Time:
    Saturday, 5th May 2012 08:00 – 18:00

    Sydney University Cumberland Campus
    Sports Centre (Access via Gate 2)
    75 East Street Lidcombe NSW 2141 Australia

    08:10 – 08:50 Registration & Shinai weigh-in Warm-up
    09:00 – 18:00 Preliminary rounds for Individuals
    Opening Ceremony
    Final rounds for Individuals
    Open team competitions
    Presentations & Closing Ceremony

    Scheduled Competitions:
    Age 13 and under (J)
    Age 13 – 16 inclusive (T)
    Women competitions (W)
    Kyu competitions (K)
    Dan competitions (D)
    Open Team competitions

    Cost of participation:
    Cost for participation is $35. (Except Junior – i.e. under 16: $25).
    This includes entry to all competitions, lunch and refreshments. Please register and pay to your club representatives.

    General Competition Rules:
    Please submit only one entry form per club/dojo by Club representatives (In this case, send your entry to Jessi Tilbrook, SKC Club secretary.

    Reply back to Jessi with the following details:
    Competition to enter: (U13/13-16/Womens/Kyu/Dan/Open teams). If you are interested in team competition please let me know and we will form the teams after we know the numbers.

    Entries for the championship will close at 5 pm on 28th April 2012 (Saturday). No late entries will be accepted.

    For the open team competitions,
    Each club may submit up to 3 teams of 5 members per team. Team members can be kyu or dan or mixed. Each team must consist of at least 3 members.
    Each person can only participate in one team.

    Open to all members of AKR.

    Refreshments and Meals:
    Lunch, Tea, coffee and water will be provided.

    Kind regards,
    Jessi Tilbrook
    Sydney Kendo Club

  • 12 Apr 2012 11:52 AM | Deleted user

    The 37 AKC saw the release of a limited edition fund raising tenugui for the 15WKC Australian Kendo Team (refer image attached).
    Thank you very much to all those supporters who have purchased one or more tenugui during the championship weekend already, but please note that they are of course on sale to everyone who did not attend the National championships as well.
    They are on sale for $15 each, or “buy four and get one free” (that is, five tenugui for just $60!), and can be purchased from any of the Australian Team Members or myself.
    All proceeds from the sale of these tenugui will go directly towards assisting with expenses for the Australian Kendo Team in Italy this year.
    There is only a limited number of tenugui available, so make sure you get in quick.
    The characters in Japanese are read KO KEN CHI AI, and although this not the motto for Australian Kendo Team, it is a well known kendo term, and is “referring to the desire to achieve mutual  understanding and betterment of humanity through kendo”.
    To try and describe further, it is a teaching that make you try to undertake kendo practice and competitions in a way that will make an opponent want to practice or compete with you again and again.

    Thank you ever so much for your support!!
    Best regards,
    Yuji Sano
    Assistant Coach to the 15WKC Australian Kendo Team

  • AKC

    12 Apr 2012 11:48 AM | Deleted user

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Australian Kendo Championships for 2012.

    Results to be posted.

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