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Sydney Kendo Club (SKC) was founded in 1974 and is the longest running Kendo club in Australia. We are affiliated with New South Wales Kendo Association (NSWKA) and Australian Kendo Renmei (AKR). Each week, we have three training sessions for adults and Saturday kids/junior lesson. Many visitors train with us from other clubs; be it locally, nationally or internationally.

SKC aims to represent the best of Kendo tradition while striving to improve Kendo in Australia by holding seminars with visiting Kendo Sensei and the SKC3 Friendship Cup. Our training schedules cover all skill levels from beginner to the experienced; from children to adults. Please feel free to contact us or drop in at a training session.

「錬技睦和」"Rengi Bokuwa" is our motto at Sydney Kendo Club. This means "We vow to train our skills and minds in harmony, keeping good terms with each other to become better human beings and to contribute to society". This is the ultimate goal of Kendo.

2014-2015 Committee Members

President: Vivian Yung
Treasurer: Queennie Yau
Secretary: Kevin Wong

Club Sensei 

Daniel Strenger (Kendo 5 Dan) - Daniel (Danny) commenced Kendo in 1973 at the Muirfield and Epping Kendo Clubs, Sydney, and then in 1974 joined the Willoughby kendo Club at its inaugural training which subsequently became the Sydney Kendo Club. In 1979 he was a member of the Australian Kendo Renmei team that attended the World Kendo Championships in Sapporo, Japan. From 1982 Daniel commenced residency in Japan and from 1982-1983 was formally enrolled as a ‘Kendo research student - itakusei’ at Nippon Taiku Daigaku (Japan Sports Science University), Tokyo, as nominated by the Australian Kendo Renmei. From 1982 through to 1998 Daniel was a member of various Tokyo Kendo associations returning thereafter to Sydney. Daniel has been a Secretary and Treasurer of both the Sydney Kendo Club and Australian Kendo Renmei, and a member of the NSW Technical Committee. Daniel attained 5th Dan in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan.

Mark Wild (Kendo 5 Dan) - Mark started kendo in late 1978 at the Melbourne Kendo Club. In 1983 he made the first of many trips to Japan to attend the Kitamoto summer seminar and stayed on for six months training at Nittaidai with Shizawa Sensei. In 1989 Mark won his first Australian men’s dan grade championship and led the Victorian team to win the inaugural Nakakura Cup. Mark again won the men’s dan grade competition in 1990. He represented Australia in the 1991 Toronto and 1994 Paris World Kendo Championships. In the early 90’s Mark spent several years training at the Sydney Kendo Club before living in Tokyo between 1994 and 1998. During that time he trained at the Mitsubishi company Dojo with Nomasa Sensei, and at the Minato Ward Sports Centre where elite teachers like Chiba Sensei were a regular feature. In 1998 Mark moved to New York City and instructed at the Ken Zen Institute with Ebihara Sensei. Mark gained his 5th Dan in 1999.

Colin Minter (Kendo 5 Dan) - Biography to come.

Sadaji Kikuchi (Kendo 5 Dan) - Sadaji started Kendo in 1965 in Tokyo at the Takanawa Lower Secondary School (高輪学園).  Sadaji has won many prizes at various competitions during his school years, including the Tokyo Senior High School Sports Association Championships.  Between 1968 and 1978, Sadaji was a member of the Meguro-ku Kendo Club (目黒区剣道クラブ).  Sadaji was one of the founding members of NSW Kendo Association when it was formed in 1980.  In the following year, Sadaji won the inaugural 1981 NSW Kendo Championships.  Sadaji attained Kendo 5 Dan in 2014.  He has been an active instructor and member of the Sydney Kendo Club in recent years
Steven Lawley (Kendo 4 Dan) - Steven commenced Kendo in 1968, while still at High School. At that time Kendo training was held at various dojo around the Sydney area. Initially he was trained by Yoshida Sensei. Subsequently he was taught by Takeuchi Sensei and later by many visiting Sensei. A great influence was Shizawa Sensei. In 1974 the Sydney Kendo Club commenced training at the Willoughby Dojo, where it still continues. He started training there in 1974.  He won the Australian Individual Championship in 1975, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1986, 1988. The New South Wales Individual Championship in 1983, 1994, 1995. He also won the Queensland Open Championship in 1980.  He was the Captain of Australian Team at the World Championships in 1979, Saporo, Japan. After which he attended the Foreign Kendo Leader Summer Seminar in Saitama Prefecture. He was again the Captain of the Australian Team at the 1988 World Championships in Seoul, Korea.  He has also been a past President of the Australian Kendo Renmei, past Secretary of Australian Kendo Renmei, and past Secretary of NSW Kendo Association. Also a past Member of the AKR Kendo Technical Board.
He was graded to 4th Dan in 1987 during the visit of Nakakura Sensei.

Mark Stone (Kendo 4 Dan) - Mark started Kendo whilst studying at the Australian National University in 1991 and first joined SKC in 1995. He spent many years living overseas and has been a member of Gudoseishinkan in Hong Kong, Hizen Dojo in London, and Shidogakuin in New York. Mark attained the rank of 4th Dan in 2010 and currently runs our children's trainings.

Vivian Yung (Kendo 4 Dan) - Vivian started Kendo at the Sydney Kendo Club in 2001.  She has traveled multiple times to Japan for Kendo training and to overseas for international Kendo competitions.  Vivian has won the Australian Women's Individual title twice and team title multiple times.  Vivian also represented Australia in both the individuals and team events in the 2006 Taiwan, 2009 Sao Paulo and 2012 Novara World Kendo Championships and achieved best 16 individual performance in 2009 and 2012.  She was awarded the fighting spirit award for her outstanding performance in the 2012 World Kendo Championships.  In 2013, Vivian represented Australia in the 2nd World Combat Games in St Petersburg, Russia.  She attained the rank of 4th Dan in 2010.  Vivian is currently the President of the Sydney Kendo Club and the Secretary of the Australian Kendo Renmei.

Andrew van Hamond (Kendo 4 Dan) - Andrew started Kendo at the Sydney Kendo Club in 2001.  He is the former President of the NSW Kendo Association and has been the state Dan team coach in recent years. In 2013, he has won the National Veteran's title. Andrew attained the rank on 4th Dan and is now the Instructor of Sydney Kendo Club Saturday morning class.

Chris Barbe (Kendo 4 Dan) - Chris practiced Kendo as a teenager in France from 1977 to 1981. He restarted his kendo practice by joining Sydney Kendo Club in 2002. Since then he has been travelling with his bogu bag all around the world. Chris was awarded the rank of 4th Dan in August 2014.

David Banbury (Kendo 3 Dan) - David joined Sydney Kendo Club in 2005. From 2008 to 2012, David was a member of the Vancouver Kendo Club. After returning to Sydney in 2012, David attained the rank of 3rd Dan and is the Assistant Instructor of Sydney Kendo Club children's class.

2014-2015 Non-Executive Roles
Competition Marshal: Martin Falcon
Kyu Team Manager: Queennie Yau
Social Coordinator: Karina Danke Obregon

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